Precision Medicine Timeline

Telling the Precision Medicine Story

This interactive visualization and static poster will show the recent history (1900-2020) of how precision medicine has evolved, from blood transfusions to gene editing to robot doctors on our smartphones. It will also show how precision medicine will help specific conditions in the future.

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The Categories

The paradigm shift in Precision Medicine won't be limited to only laboratory and clinical research. Other domains inside and outside of the healthcare industry also play an important role in shaping and delivering better health outcomes. Based on their roles, we can organized them into 5 categories.

Treatment, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnosis, risks

Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Biochemistry, Molecular

Data Collection and Analysis
Sequencing & Genotyping, EHR, Wearable devices, Sensors, Genetic banks

Patient rights & Autonomy, Movements, Documentaries

Governance, Regulation, Research fundings, Reimbursement

Concept Development: 20.May.2019

Content: Key events and milestones

This draft needs your feedback to determine the key events and milestones.

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Concept Development: 3.May.2019

A vertical narrative timeline from past - present - future

To look at the bigger picture of what this site will deliver, we have an interactive timeline with a collection of events from the past, separated into columns of the Precision Medicine domains mentioned above. Once we scroll to the present, the domains merge together to show the actionable steps that will lead us to the ultimate vision we want to see for the future.

Interactive Timeline Scroller: 26.April.2019

Explore the timeline of events across different domains in Healthcare that drive Presicion Medicine, where each dot represents an event. Once the dot aligns with the circle for a domain, the slideshow at the top will flip and display that event's detail.

Horizontal View

We're exploring the possibilies of applying this concept to the patient health record

The goal is to allow patients and care teams a quick view into the longitudinal health record, with an ability to dive deeper. This could be used to visually track metrics related to particular conditions or care plans, or detect patterns in our behavior/health. We haven't got this concept quite right yet, but we're still working on it!

Previous concept sketches

Concept 1: The Promising of Precision Medicine

What's possible for the future, and how do we get there?

Concept 2: How Precision Medicine is applied in treating Chronic Conditions

What fields and conditions have developed over time? Where is the focus and what progress has been made?

Concept 3: The Journey to Precision Medicine

Events and milestones that have taken us to the beginnings of Precision Medicine today.